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April 18, 2011

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PAGE 2 NEWS April 18, 2011 • lAw Times SUSAN M. HARE R E - E L E C T F O R B E N C H E R • N O R T H E A S T R E G I O N RE-ELECT CHRISTOPHER D. BREDT BENCHER (TORONTO) A Strong Voice for Reform Chris is a hard working and thoughtful Bencher. He has been a strong advocate for greater transparency and accountability in the governance of the Law Society and a consistent voice for reform. As a former Bencher, I know that Chris has the commitment, integrity, and resolve to serve our profession and work in the best interests of all lawyers in Ontario. Chris led climbs of Mt. Kilimanjaro in 2006 and 2010 that raised over $1 million for CODE's (Canadian Organization for Development through Education) children's literacy programs in Tanzania. A fine counsel, thoughtful and public-spirited, with a commitment to legal education. These qualities will continue to serve him well as a Bencher. If re-elected I will address diversity, the changing profession and solid governance. Untitled-1 1 3/7/11 9:20:17 AM SusanHare_LT_Apr18_11.indd 1 4/12/11 3:26:49 PM Re-Elect John CampionBencher T O R O N T O In my 11 years as Bencher and 5 years on the Federation of Law Societies, including last year as President, I have been on the side of and directing reforms to enhance the public confidence in the lawyers of Ontario, including: ◆ the "Canadian Project" with the necessity of national standards (every lawyer across Ontario is free to practise in every other province and is insured and regulated accordingly); ◆ a model code of conduct; ◆ the preservation of CanLII; and ◆ the retention of women in the profession; The future contains a number of challenges which I look forward to addressing in the next four years, including: ◆ the maintenance of articling as law schools expand their total enrolments; ◆ the impact of technology on our professional relationships; ◆ ◆ equality; ◆ diversity; ◆ conflicts of interest policy; and ◆ quality of practice life, particularly in small firms. I have been privileged to serve and worked hard to earn the privilege. I hope you will consider my candidacy. the ageing of the profession, particularly in small towns and remote areas, where young lawyers are less likely to practise; Untitled-14 1 3/15/11 4:02:29 PM

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